What makes a good surrogate?

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Standing In:  How to Choose the Right Surrogate

You’ve made the decision to become a parent via surrogate.  As complicated as that decision was, the next one is even bigger — finding the right surrogate. You’re now forming a relationship with someone over one of life’s biggest events:  the birth of a child. It’s an intense experience that will last months, if not years. It’s important to make the right choice – and Modamily Donor Concierge is here to guide you.  

The Basics

MDC works with the most highly-regarded surrogacy agencies in the country.  These agencies will take care of basic screening for any potential surrogates.  However, it’s good to have a handle on the basics yourself – it’s reassuring to know what’s covered in screening, and it also offers you the opportunity to inquire about other characteristics that you’d like to make sure are covered.  So, we’ve created a little infographic for you. Refer to it any time you’re feeling a bit uncertain or just need a reminder.

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